Thursday, October 25, 2012

Six Tasks on Your Post Wedding To Do List

The champagne bottles are tipped over, the confetti lays on the floor and your guests have gone home to rest.  Now you and your new spouse are off on your honeymoon.  You've not a care in the world and your only focus now is enjoying your much needed vacation and escape from reality.  The last thing you are thinking about is the tasks that need to be completed when you return.  However, vacations don't last forever and before you know it, you will be back in town and possibly overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing your post wedding to do list. Below are the six steps that will need to be taken upon your return.  Understanding what these are and how you will accomplish them, will lead to a stress free return back to reality.

Order Wedding Pictures.  Most photographers today utilize online proofing.  This means that within a few weeks, your photos will be available for you to preview and order.  This may seem like an easy step, but consider that you could have as many as 800 images to review and make selections for a wedding album or family and friends.  And because this is for both of you, it will most likely require you both looking at the images and deciding which ones you love and want to order.  Setting aside specific time that you both are available without disruption will be the best and least stressful way to tackle this project.  And it is a project - don't underestimate the discussions that will ensue over picture selections!

Preserve the Wedding Dress.  It may seem silly to have this on your post wedding to do list, but life will get busy quickly after you return and before you know it, the wedding dress has gotten pushed to the back of the closet and forgotten about.  The next time it is seen is when you are painting and need to empty the closet out.  It is then that you realize it has been nearly eight years and you have never taken care of this step.  So, put it on your post wedding step list and check it off early.  Or, if you are electing to donate it or sell it, do it early as well so that it is in the best condition. 

Host Appreciation Dinner.  There were probably many contributors to your wedding.  Parents, siblings and close friends may have all pitched in and supported the efforts of your very special day.  Be sure to have a plan to thank everyone and let them know how much it meant to you that they were there.  If you have a new home or have combined two houses and want to showcase all your new wedding presents, hosting a dinner is a great way to say thank you and show off your post wedding home.  A nice dinner out is always well received too.  The main point is to have the step on your list and be ready to plan something when you get back from your honeymoon.

Send Out Thank You Notes.  If you have gotten a jump start on your thank you notes as gifts came in prior to the wedding then this may not be such an overwhelming task to complete.  However, if you have procrastinated like most people do with their homework, you have a big challenge ahead of you.  The best way to tackle this step is to first create an Excel spreadsheet with gift, sender and address.  If a spreadsheet isn't possible then making a list on any piece of paper that you can check off as you go will enable you to stop and start the process without forgetting where you are at.  This list also becomes extremely valuable if you plan to send out holiday cards or even birth announcements as it is your master address list of friends and family.  Next, block out specific time to work on these notes.  If you need help on what to say or how to handle a particular scenario, refer to Wedding Advice page.

Return Gifts.  This is one step that you don't want to procrastinate in accomplishing.  Not only do most stores have policies on returning items, including gifts, but you may find that an item you simply want to exchange has now been discontinued and is no longer available if you have waited too long.  And realistically, if you are wanting store credit in order to select another item, this is a shopping spree that is easy on your wallet.

Write Vendor Reviews.  Participating in someone's wedding is a very personal and sometimes intimate interaction.  For most vendors, they are passionate about what they do and love the end result of a happy couple and a beautiful wedding.  Today, personal accounts of an experience with a vendor carry a tremendous amount of weight with future brides and grooms.  If your vendor met your expectations and added to the richness of your day, be sure and let them know.  Even if it is just a quick e-mail directly to them, it will mean the world and enable them to give other couples that same experience.


  1. This is great advice! Who really wants to live in their parent's basement!

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