Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 Wedding Themes - Fairy Tale

This wedding season is going to be a fairy tale! Complete with romantic wedding invitations, gorgeous dresses and cakes that are almost too pretty to eat.  The Fairy Tale Wedding Theme is not necessarily a new idea, but there are so many options these days for brides to personalize the first day of their happily ever after.  Be sure to start with Fairy Tale Wedding Invitations and set the perfect tone for your special day.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas, but be sure and visit our Fantasy Themed Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest to find loads of ideas to plan your fairy tale wedding!

2016 Wedding Themes - "Fairy Tale Life"

2016 Wedding Themes - "Happy Future"

2016 Wedding Themes - "Happily Ever After"

Friday, December 4, 2015

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - Bold Names

The trends for this upcoming 2016 Wedding season are going to be bold and fun!  And the 2016 Wedding Invitations will definitely set the tone for your special day.  One of my favorite trends that has been around for the past few years is printing wedding invitations with the bride and groom's names loud and proud.  These are sure to catch the eye of all your family and friends.  We have them in casual watercolor invitation as well as a more formal style of letterpress.  Here are a few of my favorite, but be sure to visit our 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends page to find all the latest trends.
2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Shiny Type"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Watercolor Swish"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Personal Typography"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Big Time"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Pearl Whispers"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Typography Style"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "It All Shimmers"

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends - "Getting Married"

Monday, August 24, 2015

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Wedding Invitations are a dreamy way to invite family and friends to your dreamy day.  The brush like designs are delicate and create the mood for love and laughter.  Whether you are planning your day around your flowers and want to include them in your wedding invitations or a day at the beach means that waves are perfect for your invites, these invitations will leave you smiling and your guests excited to see what else you have planned for your wedding day.  Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to visit our Wedding Invitations page for all our gorgeous options.

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Pastel Posies"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Waves"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Posy Watercolor"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Fresh Flowers"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Love"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Damask"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Florals"

Watercolor Wedding Invitations - "Peacock Profusion"

Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White and Blue Wedding Ideas

The iconic color palette of red, white and blue will be seen everywhere over the next few days as we celebrate America's independence. And we love it!  Choosing these colors for your wedding is a fun way to incorporate your patriotic spirit while at the same time using bold eye catching colors to celebrate your special day. We have a few of our favorite ideas including ways to set the tone with Red, White and Blue Wedding Invitations.  Be sure to visit our Red, White and Blue Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

Red, White and Blue Save the Dates

Red, White and Blue Wedding Invitations

Red, White and Blue Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday Party Invitations

If you are throwing a party for that special birthday person in your life, we have a great selection of fun, colorful and unique Birthday Party Invitations.  Inviting the guests is the most important task to creating a really special party and the party invitations have to be eye catching and memorable.  Whether it is a birthday party for your little one or someone reaching the milestone of 40, choose the invite that shares the excitement of the day and family and friends will be lining up to get in! Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to visit our Party page to find the perfect invite for your event.

Party Invitations - "It's a Surprise"

Birthday Party Invitations - "All Access"

Kid's Birthday Party Invitations - "Polka Dot Party"

40th Birthday Party Invitations - "40 is the new 30"

Party Invitations - "Typography Stripes"

Surprise Party Invitations - "Surprise Reveal"

Birthday Party Invitations - "Big Top Bash"

Party Invitations - "Game Time"

Monday, June 29, 2015

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - Seal and Send

Trying to stay on budget for a wedding is probably one of the hardest things to do.  There always seem to be unexpected costs that surprise everyone and things that you want or need that weren't planned for when you started out.  The reason most people go over budget is because they simply don't want to have to give up anything that they see as part of their vision for their big day.  Luckily, we have wedding invitations that not only help you stay on budget, but that will stay right in line with your vision of loveliness.  Our Seal and Send Wedding Invitations are a perfect example of this.  Not only are they printed on high quality paper with gorgeous colors and fonts, but they are priced to come with everything you need.  The invitation, RSVP cards and reception information are all priced together and for most styles are under $200 for a set of 100.  So if you budgeted much more for your wedding invitations, you just saved money! And that hardly ever happens when planning a wedding!  Here are a few of our favorites, but we have over a hundred options in this collection, so be sure and visit our Wedding Invitations page to find your favorite.  Also, see our Wedding Tips page to find great ways to stay on budget.

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Love"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Love Stripes"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Rustic We Do"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Lovely Day"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Love the Lace"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "All Aswirl"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Poster"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Sweet Rustic"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Personalized Stationery

I think the dying art of writing a handwritten note needs to be revived.  My nephew recently went into the Army and I myself have become reacquainted with writing a letter.  Basic Training is a grueling time for all new soldiers and their only form of communication with the outside world is via handwritten letters from friends and family.  It is amazing to see how often my 18 year old nephew is writing.  It keeps him grounded and he has said more than once that receiving mail for any of them is truly a precious and golden moment in their really tough days.  With this in mind, I wanted to share beautiful options we have for Personalized Stationery.  Have it on hand for yourself and give it as a gift to someone you love.  We should all be more inclined to right a note that will become a treasure to the person who receives it.  And be sure to visit our Stationery page to find all you need to join in and send out a handwritten note.

Personalized Stationery - "Multi-Panel"

Stationery - "Tip Top Composition"

Personalized Stationery - "Florentine Filigree"

Personalized Stationery Sheets - "Superior"

Stationery - "Pink Awareness"

Personalized Stationery - "Contemporary Corners"

Stationery - "Italian Floral"

Personalized Stationery - "Strong Profile"