Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Wedding Themes - Garden Wedding Ideas

A garden wedding is a charming theme that has endless possibilities and has been one of our favorite 2015 Wedding Themes.  This theme is best, of course, in the spring or summer months, but if you want to be really creative, you could host it indoors anytime of year.  We have picked out a few of our favorite ideas for a garden theme.  With darling details like the planter box place card holders, the flower buckets for the bridesmaids and of course, the Garden Wedding Invitations, you are sure to have a wedding day that family and friends will be talking about for years to come.  Be sure to visit our Outdoor Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest for even more inspiration!



Garden Wedding Invitations - "Ride On"



Garden Wedding Invitations - "Summer Garden"


Garden Wedding Invitations - "Sparkling Flowers"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Party Favor Boxes

Creative Party Favor Boxes are a great way to send family and friends home with a treat and a keepsake.  We have a beautiful selection of Wedding Favor Boxes that will fit the theme of your wedding and the color. Depending on the size of box, you can fit an extra piece of cake or cupcake or your favorite candies   Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to visit our Wedding Accessories page to find the perfect box for your wedding reception.  We also have everything you need to decorate your reception and all the ceremony essentials.  Enjoy!

Party Favor Boxes - "Naturally Vintage"
Photo Party Favor Boxes - "Photo Favor Box"

Party Favor Boxes - "Two Piece"

Wedding Reception Favor Boxes - "Western Style"

Reception Party Favor Boxes - "Wood Grain Wonders"

Wedding Favor Boxes - "Starfish"

Wedding Reception Favor Boxes - "Reversible Announcement"

Party Favor Boxes - "Retro Floral"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Western Save the Date Cards

Western themed weddings can be so fun with endless possibilities to personal and create a unique wedding day.  A great way to share your theme with family and friends and ask them to Save the Date is by sending out Western Save the Date Cards.  We have a few of our favorites here.  A couple Photo Save the Dates as well as a few with a great rustic western feel.  Be sure to get your save the dates out six to nine months before your wedding date and visit our Save the Date page to find the perfect one for you!

Western Save the Date Cards - "Country Spirit"

Country Save the Date Cards - "Round 'Em Up"

Western Save the Dates - "Cowboy Country"

Western Save the Date Cards - "Sienna Sky"

Western Save the Dates - "Simply Western"

Western Save the Dates - "It's Out of the Bag"

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Poster Style

The great 2015 Wedding Invitations Trend of Poster Style Wedding Invitations is one of the most creative and eye-catching trends so far this year.  We are just loving all the fun fonts and the overall look of these wedding invitations.  They will definitely make a lasting impression with family and friends and are a truly unique way to share the news about your special wedding day.  And the enclosures that go along with these poster style wedding invitations are just as exciting with font styles that carry over from the invitation itself.  We have these stylish wedding invitations in several of our collections.  You can go with the traditional panel invitation, a gorgeous letterpress, a functional and reasonably priced separate and send or the pocket.  Here are a few of our favorites from each collection. Enjoy!

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Nuptial"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Avenue of Dreams"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Wine Lover"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Posh Plush"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Announcing"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Poster"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Typography Details"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Classic Type"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Love Letterpress"

Poster Style Wedding Invitations - "Cheers for Chevron"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birth Announcements

Sharing the birth of your new baby is one of the most thrilling things to do in the early months after they are born.  The details of weight and exact time are so exciting to hear and family and friends just can't wait to see the first picture.  We have just a few of our favorite Birth Announcements here, but be sure and visit our Baby page to find just the right one for your new little one.

Baby Announcements - "New Math"

Birth Announcements - "Banner Welcome"

Photo Birth Announcements - "A Proud Picture"

Photo Birth Announcements - "Welcome Baby"

Baby Photo Announcements - "Framed in Blue"

Photo Birth Announcements - "Special Delivery"

Photo Baby Announcements - "Filigree Photo"

Birth Announcements - "Our Little Princess"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Wedding Colors - Silver & Gold

Silver and gold are truly two classic colors to choose for any wedding.  And combined together, they are a rich and glamorous metallic color palette that is sure to impress family and friends.  Setting the stage for this duo is perfectly done with Silver and Gold Wedding Invitations.  From there, a world of ideas that can be incorporated.  It is easy to see why these colors are so popular this year.  We have found a few favorite ideas to help with planning your dream day. From the wedding cake to the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and of course, the Metallic Wedding Invitations.



Metallic Wedding Invitations - "Metallic Glam"


Gold and Silver Wedding Invitations - "It's the Glitz"


Metallic Wedding Invitations - "Grand Celebration"


Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Laser Cut

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations have taken on a whole new look of sophistication and elegance this year. With detailed cut outs, each invitation will definitely create the first impression of a wedding day to follow that is sure to be just as unique.  Our exquisitely crafted invitations are full of character and charm and it is easy to see why this style is one of the 2015 Wedding Invitation Trends.  Here are our top picks, but be sure to visit our wedding invitations page to find just the right invite for your wedding.
Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Cut Out for Each Other"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "All The Trimmings"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Lacy Wrap"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Rose Border"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Perpetual Love"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Love Story"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Shimmering Lattice Wrap"

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Pearls and Lace"