Friday, February 20, 2015

Party Favor Boxes

Creative Party Favor Boxes are a great way to send family and friends home with a treat and a keepsake.  We have a beautiful selection of Wedding Favor Boxes that will fit the theme of your wedding and the color. Depending on the size of box, you can fit an extra piece of cake or cupcake or your favorite candies   Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to visit our Wedding Accessories page to find the perfect box for your wedding reception.  We also have everything you need to decorate your reception and all the ceremony essentials.  Enjoy!

Party Favor Boxes - "Naturally Vintage"
Photo Party Favor Boxes - "Photo Favor Box"

Party Favor Boxes - "Two Piece"

Wedding Reception Favor Boxes - "Western Style"

Reception Party Favor Boxes - "Wood Grain Wonders"

Wedding Favor Boxes - "Starfish"

Wedding Reception Favor Boxes - "Reversible Announcement"

Party Favor Boxes - "Retro Floral"

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