Monday, June 29, 2015

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - Seal and Send

Trying to stay on budget for a wedding is probably one of the hardest things to do.  There always seem to be unexpected costs that surprise everyone and things that you want or need that weren't planned for when you started out.  The reason most people go over budget is because they simply don't want to have to give up anything that they see as part of their vision for their big day.  Luckily, we have wedding invitations that not only help you stay on budget, but that will stay right in line with your vision of loveliness.  Our Seal and Send Wedding Invitations are a perfect example of this.  Not only are they printed on high quality paper with gorgeous colors and fonts, but they are priced to come with everything you need.  The invitation, RSVP cards and reception information are all priced together and for most styles are under $200 for a set of 100.  So if you budgeted much more for your wedding invitations, you just saved money! And that hardly ever happens when planning a wedding!  Here are a few of our favorites, but we have over a hundred options in this collection, so be sure and visit our Wedding Invitations page to find your favorite.  Also, see our Wedding Tips page to find great ways to stay on budget.

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Watercolor Love"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Love Stripes"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Rustic We Do"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Lovely Day"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Love the Lace"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "All Aswirl"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Poster"

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations - "Sweet Rustic"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Personalized Stationery

I think the dying art of writing a handwritten note needs to be revived.  My nephew recently went into the Army and I myself have become reacquainted with writing a letter.  Basic Training is a grueling time for all new soldiers and their only form of communication with the outside world is via handwritten letters from friends and family.  It is amazing to see how often my 18 year old nephew is writing.  It keeps him grounded and he has said more than once that receiving mail for any of them is truly a precious and golden moment in their really tough days.  With this in mind, I wanted to share beautiful options we have for Personalized Stationery.  Have it on hand for yourself and give it as a gift to someone you love.  We should all be more inclined to right a note that will become a treasure to the person who receives it.  And be sure to visit our Stationery page to find all you need to join in and send out a handwritten note.

Personalized Stationery - "Multi-Panel"

Stationery - "Tip Top Composition"

Personalized Stationery - "Florentine Filigree"

Personalized Stationery Sheets - "Superior"

Stationery - "Pink Awareness"

Personalized Stationery - "Contemporary Corners"

Stationery - "Italian Floral"

Personalized Stationery - "Strong Profile"

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fall Wedding Ideas

I am currently living through high temperatures that are breaking records in Arizona! With today's high expected to reach 115,  I am so enjoying all the beautiful ideas for Fall Weddings.  The browns, oranges and yellows are so beautiful and the thought of the cool breeze blowing and the leaves falling on a cool day seems like heaven right now.  A fall wedding has so many possibilities and of course, setting the right tone with Fall Wedding Invitations is the best place to start.  So, I have selected a few of my favorite wedding invitations as well as other beautiful options for this seasonal theme.  Be sure to visit our Fall Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest to find all of what we love about fall. Enjoy!

Fall Wedding Invitations - "Autumn Brilliance"

Fall Wedding Invitations - "Endearing Romance"

Fall Wedding Invitations - "Embossed Maple Leaf"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Photo Thank You Cards

Photo Thank You Cards are a great way to finish up the wedding celebration and create a keepsake for all the family and friends that spent your special day with you.  You can use your favorite wedding photo or a special photo you took just for your thank you cards.  If you don't have a large wedding, a great idea is to take a group photo with all your wedding guests and use that as your thank you card photo.  Talk about making your guests feel like they were truly a part of the day!  And if you don't know what to say in your Wedding Thank You Cards, visit our Wedding Tips page and read up on Wedding Gift Thank You Notes - Q&A.  Here are a few of our favorite cards too!

Photo Thank You Cards - "Colorful Ampersand"

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards - "Heart Deco"

Wedding Thank You Cards - "Modern Thanks"

Photo Thank You Cards - "Collage Angle"

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards - "Custom Collage"

Wedding Thank You Cards - "Special Thanks"

Photo Thank You Cards - "Hearts Joined"

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards - "Flourish of Thanks"

Monday, June 15, 2015

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations

When you are looking to add bling to your wedding, Rhinestone Wedding Invitations are a great way to do it.  When guests open up the envelope and see the gems sparkling, they will all know that the wedding day you are planning is going to be full of glitz and glamor.  The beautiful thing about these wedding invitations is that adding even just a bit of sparkle will accomplish your goal of setting the tone for the day and making the perfect first impression.  Here are a few of our favorite gems, but be sure to visit our Wedding Invitations page to find all the wonderful options.

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Lovely Rhinestones"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Rhinestone Band"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Hearts & Vines"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Embedded Rhinestones"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Dazzling Silver Gems"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Sparkling Sash"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations  - "Dressed to the Nines"

Rhinestone Wedding Invitations - "Glamorous Sparkle"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Photo Wedding Invitations

Photo Wedding Invitations are such a fun way to share your favorite engagement photo or a favorite memory of your time together as a couple.  These Wedding Invitations also create the ultimate keepsake and can easily be framed and hung in your home.  With this style becoming more popular, we have added to our collection and given our brides more opportunities to customize their invitations.  Changing colors, fonts, text and the number of photos is all possible with our online invitation center. Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to visit our Wedding Invitations page to find just the right invite for you!
Photo Wedding Invitations - "Having & Holding"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "Photo Collage"
Photo Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Swirls"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "On The Line"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "Storybook Style"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "Sparkle Banners"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "Brilliant Banner"

Photo Wedding Invitations - "So You"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bridal Shower Invitations

Hosting a bridal shower is such an honor and a wonderful way to be a part of the wedding.  There are so many different ways to celebrate with the bride and the Bridal Shower Invitations are the first step to deciding on your theme and color palette.  Whether you are hosting an intimate tea, an elegant bridal affair or a rustic luncheon outdoors, we have the perfect Shower Invitations to make a great first impression with all the ladies who will attend.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Tea Time"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Forever Love"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Purple Posies"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Jar of Flowers"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Toast the Bride"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Vintage Woodgrain Love"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Damask Dress"

Bridal Shower Invitations - "Roses and Stripes"