Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Bold Typography

This is truly one of my favorite trends that has been working its way into the wedding invitations world for a couple of years now.  The use of bold and fun fonts is just about the coolest part of the wedding invitation as far as I am concerned.  It takes the old fashioned format and updates it with a style that holds true to the sacredness of the invite while adding memorable personality.  We have so many options for Bold Typography Wedding Invitations that it was really hard to just pick a few to be favorites.  Enjoy this 2015 Wedding Invitation Trend and be sure to visit our wedding invitations page to find your favorite invite!

Typography Wedding Invitations - "Just Your Type"

Bold Font Wedding Invitations - "Take A Peek"

Large Font Wedding Invitations - "Initial Impression"

Large Font Wedding Invitations - "Fairy Tale Life"

Bold Font Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Calligraphy"

Typography Wedding Invitations - "Lacy Shimmer"

Bold Font Wedding Invitations - "Good Together"

Unique Typography Wedding Invitations - "Vintage Promises"

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