Monday, January 12, 2015

Gold & Pink Wedding Ideas

Gold and Pink are timeless wedding colors that create a magical day for family and friends.  There is just something so elegant about this color palette that is not only soft but also rich and glamorous.  The best way to set the tone for this combination is by sending Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations.  We have selected just a few of our favorites with a lighter shade of pink, but there is always room to go darker and have a more dramatic contrast between the colors.  We also have a few other ideas to get the planning started.  From the cake to the decor to the fabulous bridesmaid dresses, these ideas will make your special wedding day unique and memorable! Enjoy!

Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations - "Tapestry"

Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations - "Sheer Spun Gold"

Gold and Pink Save the Date Cards - "Brilliant Ombre"

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