Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends

Well it is already here!  The 2015 wedding season is upon us and it is just as exciting as last year.  We have great new styles to share that take Wedding Invitations to a whole new level again.  This year it isn't just about the look of the invite, but it is about the shape and the feel of it.  And metallics are back which we are loving, but not just a glittery piece of paper.  This year they are textured to add sophistication and grandeur. Fun and interesting shaped invitations are also on scene to create a personal touch and set the tone for the big day.  Another favorite is our Velvet Wedding Invitations.  Yes, they are velvet to the touch!  How stunning and dramatic an entrance might these be when opened by family and friends?  They will be left captivated and longing for your wedding day and all the exquisite details that await. 

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Vogue Velvet"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Layer It On"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Be Dazzled"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Refined Rustic"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Upper Cut"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "All That Glam"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Simply Kathleen"

2015 Wedding Invitations - "Ombre Options"

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