Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2015 Spring Wedding Colors - Part 1

Although the air is cooling down and the leaves are falling off, brides everywhere are thinking about the warm spring day that will forever change their lives.  Weddings are planned months in advance with color schemes selected and accessories purchased.  Probably one of the biggest decisions in wedding planning is deciding what colors to use.  Often, brides aren't selecting a specific theme, but basing everything on colors.  Why does it seem that colors can be so complicated?  Yes, there are a million shades of blue and probably even more shades of red, but trying to decipher the popular colors of the season can be frustrating and overwhelming.  I am for sure not a color expert, but I am for sure all for making wedding planning easy and uncomplicated.  So, when the experts do come out with a variety of gorgeous colors, I am interested, but skeptical.  How does one find the color "Marsala" and then match it with everything to create a magical day?  How do I know "Titanium" versus dark grey when I see it?  These are just a few of the questions I begin to ask myself.  And by the time I am done, I just want a way to keep it simple and beautiful.  With this in mind, I am proposing some colors for Spring that will still keep you on trend, but keep your sanity too!  And of course these are in the form of Wedding Invitations which for me is the best part of the wedding!  So, enjoy part one of the colors we like with our 2015 Wedding Invitation Trends!

1. Dark Grey: This can also be a "Titanium" color.
2. Kraft:  This is an earthy color that can be dressed up or dressed down.  Great for Boho or Rustic weddings.
3. Green:  This green is probably the most natural of the greens.  A true yellow green like the colors you would find outdoors.
4. Light Blue: This can also be called "Hydrangea."
5. Light Grey:  An extremely versatile color that can be paired with just about any color.  We have chosen hot pink.
6. Mocha:  Just a deep chocolate brown and just beautiful with cream or white.
7. Yellow:  Always a great choice for spring.
8. Orange: A beautiful shade for spring.  This one can also be called "Tangerine."

Dark Grey Wedding Invitations

Kraft Wedding Invitations

Green Wedding Invitations

Light Blue Wedding Invitations

Light Grey Wedding Invitations

Mocha Wedding Invitations

Yellow Wedding Invitations

Orange Wedding Invitations

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