Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas

Yellow and Grey was a color combination that got a lot of attention during the 2013 wedding season.  The 2014 wedding season is proving to be equally enthusiastic about this dynamic duo.  With varieties of yellow and different shades of grey to choose from, each bride has the ability to personalize her color scheme to match the season, location and even the skin tone of her bridesmaids.  Here are some great ways to dive into this color combo for your 2014 wedding.  Everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the groomsmen attire, wedding décor, wedding cake and of course the Yellow and Grey Save the Date Cards and Yellow and Grey Wedding Invitations.  And for even more inspiration, visit our Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest.

Yellow and Grey Save the Date Cards

Yellow and Grey Wedding Invitations







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