Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Wedding Invitation Trend - Monogram Wedding Invitations

We have another great trend that is emerging in 2013 for wedding invitations.  Monogram Wedding Invitations are a gorgeous way to introduce the coming together of two people and set the tone for a royal and elegant affair.  This trend also ties into another favorite trend which is the use of large fonts to have your invitation stand out and catch the eye of family and friends. Occasions In Print has a beautiful array of Monogram Wedding Invitations and they come in just about every style - Tea Length, Tiffany and Pocket.  The monograms don't just have to be placed on your wedding invitations either.  Carrying the theme throughout your wedding and reception is stylish and noble in feel - from a monogram cake to the aisle runner and dance floor decal.  Here are a few of our favorite wedding invitations to start things off.

Monogram Wedding Invitations

Monogram Wedding Invitations

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