Friday, July 27, 2012

Black, White & Aqua Wedding Inspiration Board

Occasions In Print has been inspired by the gorgeous colors of Aqua, Black and White.  Our Inspiration Board is full of Cakes, Wedding Accessories, Decor and of course, Wedding Invitations.  This classic color combination is reminiscent of the 30's and 40's when women dressed up just to go shopping and men wore suits to baseball games.  Here are a few of the images that we loved.

Wedding Invitation - "Borders of Pearl and Aqua"

Wedding Invitation - "Beautiful Filigree White & Black Pocket with Aqua Backer"

Wedding Invitation - "Black & Aqua Folder Invitation"

Wedding Invitation - "Aqua Love Birds"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping

This is the big day!  The dress is the biggest part of the show!  What will you wear?  Who will go with you to pick it out?  What will look best?  These questions and others plague every bride as she begins the journey towards her second love, her wedding dress.  Being thoughtful about the process of selecting your wedding dress, will create an experience that is memorable because of the amazing way it made you feel.

1. Style:  Brides almost never arrive to a dress shop with absolutely no clue as to what they want to wear on their wedding day.  Most have looked online or in magazines to see what styles they would like.  While this is a great way to get a head start, it can also be a source of extreme disappointment.  The style you have in mind might look fabulous on you.  However, there is a chance it might not.  Keeping an open mind when going to look for a dress is an important part of the journey.  You may be completely surprised, but none the less thrilled with the style that actually does look fabulous on you.  I had my heart set on a particular dress from a magazine when I went dress shopping.  It was the first one I tried on at the store and I immediately knew when I saw myself in it that it was not for me.  However, it did not ruin my day and I found there were plenty more styles that I liked even better.

2. Who to take:  Traditionally, only a few people or even just the mother of the bride see the wedding dress before its debut.  Today, brides want to feel more inclusive with their bridesmaids, siblings and sometimes even their fiancĂ©.  This is completely up to the bride, however, this will be an emotional experience and it is always best to choose people who will be emotionally supportive.  Yes, you want people who will honestly give you an opinion on dresses, but opinions and truth can be presented in various ways and taking people along who will present it in a loving, thoughtful way will make your experience that much richer.  When I went to pick out my dress, I took my sister, who was my matron of honor and my mother.  I narrowed it down to two dresses and even went back a second day to try them both on again before I finally chose one.  Once I had narrowed it down to the two, my sister and mother never stated which one they preferred.  They simply told me that I looked beautiful in both and that whichever one I went with would be wonderful.  That was so reassuring to me.  I did try and pressure them a bit to confess which one they preferred, but they never did.  I got to make the final selection and only received accolades from both.  It was an awesome experience and I felt nothing but love and support from them. 

3. Budget! Budget! Budget!:  Did I mention budget? Can you imagine anything worse than looking in the closet at your wedding dress a month after your wedding and then looking at the stack of bills you and your husband have to pay and regretting that you went way over budget on a dress that you only wore for one day?  This can sometimes happen even if you stayed on budget just because of the short time the dress is actually worn.  So, if you have a budget, stick to it.  If you don't have a budget, but really need one, set one prior to going to look at dresses.  Don't live with regret.

4. Don't be afraid to be creative:  There are many options for accenting wedding dresses, so don't be afraid to think outside the wedding dress box.  For example, a colored sash makes a great addition to a dress that might not have the right amount of bling or style for you.  A veil can also drastically change the look of a gown or a rhinestone head piece, if a veil isn't for you.  The point is to not just look at the dress as is, but consider how to give it your own personal touch.  This can be especially important if you have selected a dress that helps you stay on budget, but isn't your ideal gown. 

At Occasions In Print, we are all about helping create the first impression with the elegance and distinction that reflects your style and sensibility. Our Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements and Stationery are of the highest quality and the greatest value. Each can be personalized and previewed. We offer fine stationery store quality, but with low online prices.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Engagement Annoucements from Occasions In Print

Announcing the news of your engagement is the first notice to friends and family that a grand wedding will be coming.  Occasions In Print has a beautiful selection of Engagement Announcements that can be customized to say exactly how special this engagement truly is to you and your fiance and invite friends and family to the engagement celebration.   This collection can also be used to tell friends and family to "Save the Date" or announce a recent elopement and reception party.  They can also be used to invite out of town guests to the Rehearsal Dinner. Here are a few of our favorites from our Carlson Craft line as well as our new Birchcraft Studios line.

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handcrafted Wedding Invitations from Occasions In Print

Occasions In Print offers this Handcrafted Wedding Invitation Collection that will set the tone of elegance and true personalization.  Each invitation has it's own character that is unique.  All the wedding invitations are printed with thermographic print which results in a raised print that is the final touch for your sophisticated wedding. The best part is that these distinctive wedding invitations won't break your budget with all invites in the collection under $300 for 100.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation

Monday, July 23, 2012

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations from Occasions In Print

Save time and money with the beautiful Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitation Collection from Occasions In Print.  The invitation itself folds and seals without the need for any additional envelope.  In addition, the Respond Card is attached to the bottom of the invite with a perforated edge that makes responding quick and easy for friends and family.  This collection is a great budget savvy choice with the Respond Card and clear, round seals included at no additional cost.

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Sunny"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Field of Green"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Royal Black"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Fuchsia Daisy"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Grandeur"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Wildflower"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Simple Ecru"

Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations - "Simple Sage"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a retreat to Las Vegas to tie the knot, Occasions In Print has the perfect Las Vegas Wedding Invitations.  We also have great Las Vegas Save the Date cards as well as Accommodation Cards with the Vegas theme.  Tell your friends and family about your grand event in Las Vegas with one of these fun Vegas Invites.

Las Vegas Wedding Invitation - "Destination Vegas"

Las Vegas Save the Date Card - "Fabulous Destination"

Las Vegas Wedding Invitation - "Love on the Strip"

Las Vegas Save the Date Card - "Vegas"

Las Vegas Save the Date Card - "Roulette Romance Magnet"

Las Vegas Accommodation Card - "Married in Las Vegas"

Las Vegas Wedding Invitation - "Fabulous Las Vegas Invitation"

Las Vegas Wedding Invitation - "A Vegas White Wedding"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gold Wedding Inspiration Board from Occasions In Print

There is nothing richer or more elegant then a Gold Wedding.  Occasions In Print has put together a Gold Wedding Inspiration Board that demonstrates the versatility and the depth of a gold wedding.  From the Wedding Dress to the Wedding Cake, Decor and of course the Wedding Invitations, gold can create a luxurious feel throughout your ceremony and reception.  Here are a few ideas that we found inspirational.  You can also see the full Gold Wedding Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

Gold Wedding Invitation - "Borders of Gold"

Gold Wedding Invitation - "Enchanting"

Gold Wedding Invitation - "Swirls of Pearl and Gold"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding Thank You Notes - Q & A from Occasions In Print

Getting ready to write out Thank You Notes for your wedding gifts?  Here are common questions that you might be having about how to handle the notes along with helpful advice from Occasions In Print.

I received gifts from people who couldn't attend the wedding.  How do I write "sorry you couldn't be with us?"

The best way to address someone who couldn't attend your wedding is to first thank them for the beautiful gift they presented you with despite not being able to make it to the actual wedding.  Then let them know that they were thought of during the day and truly missed at the celebration.  Here is an example: "Thank you so much for the beautiful vase you sent us in celebration of our marriage.  We thought of you at our wedding and wanted you to know that you were truly missed."

If a wedding guest didn't bring a gift, should I write a thank you note anyway?

A thank you note is still a great way to thank someone who didn't buy a wedding gift.  It gives your guest an opportunity to ask about something you should have gotten or let you know if something is on the way.

Should the thank you notes be handwritten?

Although there are many ways via technology to send someone a thank you note, proper etiquette and decorum still advises that the notes be handwritten.  We all live in a fast paced society and most schedules take up every minute of our day, but some traditions should never be set aside.  A handwritten note is as personal as the wedding your guest attended. 

How do I thank people for wedding gifts that are returned because they were something we either didn't want or didn't need?

It is a safe bet that at least one of your wedding guests will go rogue and give you a wedding gift that isn't on your registry and that you have no real use for in your home.  When this occurs, the best thing to do is to thank your guest for the thoughtful gift and leave your real intentions out.  There is no need to possibly insult them when he or she most likely believes they have given a special gift that will be welcomed.  Take the high road and finish the note with how much you appreciated them attending your wedding.

Should I have my husband sign the cards?

Having your husband sign the cards is another great way to personalize the thank you notes you are sending out.  However, it is really not something that will be analyzed the any great length by your guest.  Married couples for the most part are traditionally okay to sign for each other without incident.  Unless of course, we are talking about a life insurance policy!

How do you thank someone for a cash or check gift?

The best way to thank a guest who has given you a cash gift is to let them know how you plan to use the funds.  Are you putting it towards a down payment on a house?  Did you take it with you on the honeymoon? 

Our cards got separated from our gifts.  How do I write a thank you note that doesn't say a specific gift?

This can happen pretty easily in the shuffle of gifts and wrapping paper.  One great way to avoid this is to write a detailed list as you open the gifts.  However, if it has already happened, the best way to write your note is to simply outline how thoughtful their gift was and then focus on how wonderful it was that they could also attend and spend the day in celebration with you.
Should I write a thank you note as soon as I receive a gift, even if it is before the wedding?

It is a good idea to get a thank you note out right after receiving the gift.  Especially if it is prior to the wedding.  This is important for two reasons.  First, it will make your post wedding thank you note list that much shorter and there will be less chance of cards getting separated from gifts as time has passed.  Second, it could be a bit embarassing if your guest has to ask you at the wedding if you received their gift.  Part of a thank you note is validation for your guest that the UPS guy got it there.

Do you send a thank you note to each person when they are part of a group gift?

The best thing to do is to send a note to each person when a group gift is presented.  Sometimes group gifts are expensive items which means that each person paid as much or more than if he or she had purchased something separate.  Letting each person know how much it meant is as important as letting everyone who gave individual gifts know the significance of their gift.
Follow these answers and writing your thank you notes will be easy, quick and you will tell your friends and family how much you truly appreciate them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Value with Style Wedding Invitations from Occasions In Print

The Value with Style Wedding Invitations from Occasions In Print offers a beautiful array of budget friendly wedding invitations.  This collection is also enviromentally sensitive and utilizes the front of the invitation to print your customized verse and the back of the invitation to detail the reception and any other information that needs to be conveyed to family and friends.  As a bonus, the Respond Cards are always free with this collection.  Here are a few of our favorites from the collection.

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Romantic Foliage Style"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Fuschia Flower Style"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Seeing Love Style"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Regal Latte Style"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Swirling Peacock Invitation"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Intricate Style - Ecru"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Floral Filigree on White"

Value with Style Wedding Invitation - "Elegant Style"