Thursday, November 1, 2012

Five Easy Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

There is no doubt that a wedding today can be more expensive than a down payment on a new house.  Between the cost of the venue and the cost of the food, an entire wedding budget can be chewed up leaving little left for all the other important details that will make your day a grand event.  If you don’t want to settle on location or the sit down dinner you have wanted as part of your reception since you were 12, there are a few other steps you can take to help you reign in your budget and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Consider a Videographer instead of Photographer.  Most videographers today are about half of the cost of a photographer.  So, if you find a photography package for around $3000, you are likely to find a videographer for about $1500.  But don’t think you will miss out on the captured image of photography.  The key is to find a videographer that has the capability and technology to capture images within the video and turn them into pictures.  This is not a complicated or really unique process, it is just important to determine if the videographer has the computer setup to accomplish it.  Or, if you do research and find that once you have the video, you can do it yourself, even better.

Consider a Second Hand Dress.  Second hand dress doesn’t mean that you would lose any elegance, style or compromise on the condition of the dress.  There are thousands of brides who have elected to sell their gowns after the wedding.  And remember, these are dresses that for the most part have only been worn for less than 24 hours.  E-Bay is a great resource for gently used wedding dresses as well as Craig’s List.  Wedding Dresses can be compared to cars – a new car the minute you drive it off the lot losing a huge amount of its value, but is still in pristine condition.  So it is with a wedding dress.  

Order Flowers Based on the Season.  When planning your wedding consider the time of year and what flowers are going to be in season.  Florists will always have the seasonal flowers readily available and at a lower price than those that are out of season.  Be sure to do your research ahead of time and plan accordingly.  This will greatly reduce the cost of flowers.

Consider a Smaller Bridal Party.  Most couples want to share their big day with as many close friends and family as possible standing in their wedding party.  A large bridal party makes for a great photo and of course, great bachelorette and bachelor parties, however, the bigger the party, the bigger the expense.  Each bridesmaid will need a bouquet and each groomsman will need a boutonniere.   This can increase the flower cost dramatically.  There is also the traditional bridal party gift that is given to each attendant and the rehearsal dinner cost.  Electing to have only one or two attendants will decrease your overall costs and allow you take those dollars and put them towards the more expensive elements of the wedding like the venue and food. 

Order Wedding Invitations Online.  Wedding Invitations can also be a big expense within the wedding budget.  Custom wedding invitations can run in the thousands of dollars. In addition, brick and mortar stationery stores mark up their products in consideration of their store overhead costs.  Ordering your wedding invitations on line is a great way to save money and get the exact same quality and often the exact same product anywhere from 50% to 70% cheaper.  Online stores do not have the overhead expenses and consequently can pass along the savings to customers.  Most fine stationery stores carry the beautiful stationery company Carlson Craft.  These invitations can also be found online at a greatly reduced price and they are exactly the same.

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