Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Select Your Wedding Colors

One of the first things brides tend to consider during the wedding planning process is the theme for their wedding and reception and the colors that best compliment it.  If you are at this stage in your planning journey, it is important to take a few minutes and consider the steps outlined below.  Moving full speed ahead without contemplation may result in an overwhelming moment that could require you to start all over with your color selection.  This could be costly if you have already made investments in particular items that do not fit once you have considered the big picture.  Start with step one below and avoid this planning pitfall.
1. Venue/Location: Prior to taking a firm stand on your wedding colors, it is extremely important to consider where the ceremony and reception are taking place.  It could be that you will be married at a church that is orange and brown and hold your reception at a local restaurant that is blue and white.  If your thought is "to heck with it, I don't care what the colors are for the two venues, I want purple and pink for my colors,"  then you can swiftly move on to step number two below.  However, if you do want to take location colors into consideration then it is paramount that you wait on selecting your colors until after you have secured the location for your wedding.

2. Bridesmaid Attire:  Although this is your big day and nothing and no one should upstage you, it is a smart move to ensure that your bridesmaids are dressed in a color that is flattering.  So, when pondering what colors to chose take into account who your bridesmaids are and what shades would agree with their skin tone.  Otherwise, you may end up with some very unhappy bridesmaids.

3. Color Shades:  Once you know your location and your bridesmaids, considering colors becomes much easier.  It is extremely important, however, that you understand what shade of colors you are looking for when purchasing items like table linens, reception decorations and bridesmaid dresses.  If you select an obscure color of bridesmaid dress and then want to find the same color in table linens, you may find yourself in an uphill battle.  This doesn't mean that you have to give up the bridesmaid dress you love; it just means that you will have to get creative with your colors and maybe add an additional color to your palette.  The best overall approach is to always look at the big picture when narrowing down your color shades.

4. Time of Year:  There are classic colors such as Black and White that can be utilized year round for weddings.  However, some colors are best reserved for the time of year they are seen in nature or cultural events.  For example, the more earth tones such as brown, green and even gold are found in the fall.  Likewise, green and red are associated with the holiday season.  Because this is your day, you can always buck the norm and ultimately chose the colors you love.  But, considering the time of year with you color selection may make items such as flower selection a lot easier.

5. Flowers: Some color combinations will result in flowers that match exactly such as lemon and white.  However, color combinations such as green and black will require the introduction of additional colors in order to include flower arrangements.   This can all work out beautifully provided you consider the flowers while considering your colors.  Complimenting flowers are always a wonderful addition to wedding colors and don't have to be picked up again in any other component of your wedding.

6. Groomsmen Attire: Another matter to consider when deliberating wedding colors is what the groom and his attendants will wear. If you have always envisioned the groomsmen in black tuxedos with matching cummerbunds and bow ties then be sure to select a mainstream color that you know will be in stock at the rental shop.  If you have told your fiancĂ© to decide what to wear, it is probably best to collaborate at least on the colors so that again, you don't end up with colors that can't be matched with any other element.  If you have completely different ideas that will put the groomsmen in unique outfits then be sure to coordinate this vision with all the other items listed above.

7. Wedding Invitations: The last but just as important consideration is your wedding invitations.  Because these will set the tone and establish your theme and colors, it is crucial that the wedding invitations be part of the color puzzle.  If yo have an unlimited budget and know that you will have custom invites made then you can probably skip this step.  However, if you don't plan to spend $1,000 on your invitations then looking at options that will complete your vision is vital prior to solidifying your colors. Do this and your friend and family with have the first impression you want for your wedding day.

Seven steps to consider when selecting your wedding colors. 

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